Simple and Effective SEO Tools to Improve a Medical Practice

JULY 31, 2018
Naren Arulrajah
In a competitive SEO environment, a medical website manager or marketer should have access to proven and useful SEO tools. This will allow them to achieve higher search rankings and improved visibility for their website, meet goals in a shorter time and monitor results of an SEO campaign.

1. Tools for Keyword Analysis

Keywords serve as guideposts for search engines to guide relevant readers to a website. In other words, the popularity of a medical practitioner’s website can significantly depend on how effectively they utilize these tools. Keyword analysis and research has become quite challenging over the last few years. The primary reason behind this is that Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner began to “hide” data.

Monitoring keywords can also help to identify hidden opportunities while increasing the traffic flow to a practitioner’s website. It is, of course, an excellent way to showcase new and relevant content on a website. 

Free – Ubersuggest

This keyword suggestion tool is free, and it uses a wide range of “suggest services” to generate a comprehensive keyword list for the user. 

Freemium – Term Explorer

‘Freemium’ tools provide free basic services. However, for more advanced features and services the user is required to pay. 
Term Explorer claims to have the most extensive data set among keyword research tools. This tool enables a website manager or digital marketer to expand the list of keywords, collate search volumes, and gather an understanding of their competitiveness data.

Paid – SEMrush
While SEMrush is technically a Freemium tool, it provides more in-depth insights and data with the paid version. It enables the user to analyze the keywords that their competitors are ranking for as well as the landing page for every keyword. It also offers details on the keyword's value which can be useful for a PPC campaign.  

Paid – Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

This tool is excellent for the identification of multiple trending keywords. It comprises a vast, multi-country database of more than 5.6 billion keywords which are presented with precise metrics. Furthermore, the dashboard contains clear parameters to understand the traffic that each keyword can possibly drive (Clicks and Clicks per Search).

2. Tools for Rankings

It is vital for an online marketer to understand the ranking of their site. It enables them to understand which digital marketing strategies are effective and allows them to employ similar strategies across various campaigns. Understanding the classification of a site and the factors that affect it can help maximize the ROI from the marketing efforts as well as drive increasingly more (hopefully) traffic to the website.
Such tools eliminate the need for hours of meticulous review of hundreds of pages of search results. 

Free – Google Search Console

Google itself offers useful tools to assist the user in analyzing their website’s performance. The user can go to the “Search Traffic” tab and then click on the "Search Analytics” tab. This will throw up a list of keywords that they are presently ranking for. 

Freemium – SEMrush

SEMrush allows users restricted access to the data as a freemium tool. But the user can unearth more data by playing with the filters. Summarily, it enables the user to analyze any domain or keywords from across the world. The user can identify local competitors and target different devices as well.  

Paid – Authority Labs

Authority Labs can track and graph the keyword for a website which makes it quite a handy tool. It checks the keywords that the user highlights on a daily basis and then provides the findings via a weekly report.

3. Content Optimization Tools

It is challenging to generate new and unique content regularly. However, new content is essential to ensure that a website is engaging and relevant to the target audiences as well as search engine optimized. The following tools will enable digital marketers and website managers to identify fresh ideas and optimize current content. 

Free – Outdated Content Finder

With this tool, the user can key in the search term they want to rank for or the general content topic that they are considering for content creation. They will then need to put in the date parameters (for instance, 3 plus years) and review some older content. Next, they can evaluate this content and understand if can update it to make the content more relevant to present times. Subsequently, they can discuss with the webmaster to understand if they would be amenable to posting an updated version of the content on the site.  

Freemium – Yoast WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin is an excellent way to make sure that the content published on a website is “SEO Friendly.” It is comparable to a traffic light signal and ensures that the website content is in check. 

Paid – Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is quite popular owing to its remarkably easy to use interface. It enables the user to determine which content is popular on a specific topic and highlights significant influencers. 

4. Tools to Build Links 

Google advises against "link building." However, it is still one of the most important ranking factors. In the past, link building methods have been manipulative. But it is entirely possible to build links legitimately with some credible tools.

Free – LinkMiner Plugin

Digital marketers can use Link Miner for the Broken Link Building strategy. The tool is fast and easily understandable making it a perfect tool for employing this strategy. 

Freemium – Moz SEO Toolbar Majestic Backlink Analyzer 

These two tools perform a similar job, which is to show instant important SEO information regarding the site that the user is currently on. The user can garner in-depth insights into their website's backlinks using both these tools together. 

Paid – Ahrefs Site Explorer

This resource offers the latest information on broken, live, and lost backlinks. This tool is unique because of its blazing fast crawling speed of 4.1 million pages each minute. It is also the only tool that can crawl JavaScript sources. This enables marketers to understand the big picture rather than merely links from conventional HTML pages. 
Backlink analysis is made much simpler with many handy features on Site Explorer. The user can set a time frame and filter data by platform, type and language right from their inbox with Ahrefs alerts. Furthermore, they can also evaluate anchor texts and track lost or gained backlinks as well. 

Paid –  BuzzStream

BuzzStream is an excellent multi-functional tool. It can assist users in generating or scraping prospects, outreach management, and locating hidden information such as contact details. While it is a fantastic tool, users should structure their accounts cautiously otherwise they may find using the tool problematic later. 

5. Tools to Remove Links

Removing links becomes necessary for websites on which Google’s Penguin algorithm levies a penalty. Link removal may be a time-consuming process. However, it can revitalize the website and offer it a new start. 
An online marketer can also use link removal even if they have not been levied a penalty. Some past links may be dubious, and the website management may be interested in removing them now. The removal of such links is entirely benign and will ensure that the website maintains its credibility with Google.

Free – Disavow Tool

The Disavow Tool by Google is a simple and efficient method to remove unwanted links from a website and enhance the website’s credibility with Google. 

Paid – CognitiveSEO

Cognitive is a significant tool assisting digital marketers with competitor analysis, rankings, backlink review, content auditing, detection of unnatural links and link removal. The tool offers a preview screen so that users can review the sites before arriving at a decision to add them to a disavow file or letting them remain as a link. Subsequently, CognitiveSEO generates a disavow file for the user which they can instantly upload to Google. 

About the Author:

Naren Arulrajah is President and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, a complete internet marketing company that focuses on SEO, social media, marketing education and the online reputations of doctors. With a team of 180+ full time marketers, www.ekwa.comhelps doctors who know where they want to go, get there by dominating their market and growing their business significantly year after year. If you have questions about marketing your practice online, call 855-598-3320 to speak one-on-one with Naren.

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