The 10 Best Cities for Cyclists

NOVEMBER 06, 2014
Jared Kaltwasser
It’s no secret that cycling can be a great source of exercise, but that’s easier said than done in many cities.

The Alliance for Biking and Walking each year puts together a report card
ranking US cities and states based on their bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. The report provides a snapshot into city planning and lifestyle trends.

The alliance hopes to encourage more people to bike and walk as a primary means of transportation. They’ve got some work to do. Only about 1% of trips in the US are conducted on 2 wheels, compared to 10.4% on foot and 86.4% in a car. Less than 1% (0.6%) of commuters get to work on a bicycle each day.

That low number could be due to a number of factors, including infrastructure, weather, and safety. About 15% of traffic fatalities each year involve cyclists or pedestrians, and the federal government spends only about 2.1% of its transportation budget on bicycle and pedestrian projects.

However, many cities are working to improve their bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, according to the report. What follows is a list of the cities that are out-performing their peers.

The list ranks the Top 10 cities based on bicycle infrastructure per square mile. It includes 3 types of bike lanes: On-street lanes, mutli-use pathways, and signed bicycle routes. The report ranked the 52 largest cities in the US. All data are from the alliance’s report, unless otherwise noted.

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