10 Ways to Generate More Revenue

NOVEMBER 03, 2015
Vicki Rackner, MD
Would you like to generate more revenue?  Whether you need to pay for your third child’s college tuition, accelerate your retirement saving or take a vacation, you can make it happen by working smarter and not harder.


You have many ways to leverage your skills, experience and expertise to put more money in your pocket.  Here are ten ideas that have worked for me.

1. Collect what you earn.
2. Minimize your tax burden.
3. Protect yourself from fraud.
Serve as an expert in medical litigation.
5. Sell products and services.
6. Leverage your resources.
7. Educate, empower and entertain.
8. Coach and consult.
9. Invest wisely. 
10. Reinvent your medical practice. 


You will find all ten points laid out in this 30-minute tutorial.  


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