Top 10 Medical #TrumpSacrifices

JULY 31, 2016
Future Proof, MD
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump just went ahead and shoved his foot in his mouth...again. This time he created the trending hashtag #TrumpSacrifices with a list of his accomplishments which he counts as "sacrifices." In case you missed it, check out this ABC News story, Donald Trump to Father of Fallen Soldier: ‘I’ve Made a Lot of Sacrifices’. Well I decided to have some fun - here are 10 top medical #TrumpSacrifices.

1.    Academic attending: I sacrificed by letting my resident manually disimpact the patient for experience. #TrumpSacrifices

2.    Resident: I sacrificed by writing the H&P and placing the admit orders on a 4:45 pm admission. #TrumpSacrifices

3.    ER: I sacrificed by writing more than "abdominal pain" under the indication for a CT
abdomen/pelvis. #TrumpSacrifices

4.    FM: I sacrificed by using Wikipedia because Uptodate was down. #TrumpSacrifices

5.    Hospitalist: I sacrificed by taking a soda from the nurses' fridge because the patients' supply ran out. #TrumpSacrifices

6.    Neuro: I sacrificed by doing a neuro exam before the MRI report came back. #TrumpSacrifices

7.    Cardiology: I sacrificed by actually listening to the patient's heart before writing down "regular rate & rhythm". #TrumpSacrifices

8.    Derm: I sacrificed by coming in on my day off for a TEN call. #TrumpSacrifices

9.    Neurosurgery: I sacrificed by not fussing that patient with minimal to mild stenosis at C3-4.  #TrumpSacrifices

10. Plastics: I sacrificed by doing the boob job even though I know it was way too big for her. #TrumpSacrifices

Can you think of some more?

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