10 Reasons I’m Not Shopping for 3 Years

JULY 21, 2016
Dr. Wise Money

I recently stumbled upon Mrs. Frugalwoods and was truly inspired by her.

I thought that I had a ridiculously high savings rate, allowing me to retire by 2023, within 2.8 years of finishing fellowship. Most (soon-to-be) radiologists look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo who derives pleasure from “beneath-average-physician-standard-of-living” and obsessed with saving.

Reading Mrs. Frugalwoods' articles produced as a stay-at-home mom on their 66 acre ($400k) homestead in Vermont reminds me why I am so happy and not the least deprived living the standard of living I enjoy today.

Furthermore, she inspired me to save more and cut out all the silly purchases.

Effective today 7/20/2016, I will not buy clothes for myself for 3 years. I’ll check in periodically and fess up if I falter for the next 3 years.

Here are 10 reasons off the top of my head why I think this vow is a natural next step in my life:

1.       I have all the clothes I need.

2.       Everything (other than food) I’ve purchased in last 12 months did not increase my quality of life.

3.       I only use 10-20% of what I currently own.

4.       I dislike clutter. I love space.

5.       I have no time to shop. I’m a resident, blogger, tutor, mom, author, and lecturer.

6.       Shopping is a nuisance to me, not an enjoyable activity.

7.       I dislike the chemical (formaldehyde) smell of new clothes blended with heavy perfumes trying to masquerade the chemical smell.

8.       I rather beautify myself from within than from without.

9.      I suffer repetitive buyer’s remorse, recently (almost) with an impulse purchase of a 2nd home.

10.   I’d love to reach financial independence sooner than 2023, why not?!

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