What Will Change and What Will Stay the Same in 2017?

DECEMBER 20, 2016
David Alemian

The number one challenge facing healthcare organizations in 2017 is still the talent shortage, and for physicians, the primary challenge is still having enough money to retire. Pension plans continue to remain the best solution for both groups. Simply put, the big issues have not changed.

Recently, I’ve been having conversations with healthcare executives and other industry stakeholders.  In every case when I asked the other party for their thoughts, they stated they were waiting to see what would happen with the ACA.  For those of you were waiting to see what would happen, there is no need to wait.  There are big changes coming, and at the same time, there are big things that will remain the same.

The big change that is coming is the ACA will be replaced with something else. It won’t happen overnight because insurance coverage contracts are already in place, and so it will take at least two years to see any real movement in this area.  That being said, whatever the ACA is replaced with will be a huge improvement over what we have now because what we have now clearly doesn't work.  On the other hand, some things will remain the same and those challenges need to be addressed.  The talent shortage isn't just going away, and it will continue to get worse until at least 2035.  This is a major problem for healthcare organizations, and for rural America it is overwhelming.

It's a simple fact... It is literally impossible to deliver healthcare if you don't have the physicians, nurses, and all the other talent needed to deliver it.  When it comes to physicians and healthcare executives, almost none of them can afford to retire.  These are two very big problems that will not go away, and pension plans are still the best solution to overcome these two massive healthcare issues.  In other words, nothing has changed.  This means there is no need to sit around and wait to see what Washington is going to do because we have more than enough on our plate to keep us busy right now.

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