Rural Healthcare Is a Matter of National Security

NOVEMBER 08, 2016
David Alemian

Value-based healthcare has made the problem of talent retention and recruitment in rural America a matter of national security. Talent shortages make it nearly impossible for rural health organizations to successfully transition to value-based healthcare.  Without the needed high quality talent, rural health organizations will be unable to deliver high quality healthcare.  As a result, Medicare and Medicaid would financially penalize them.
Rural health organizations are already struggling with enormous turnover rates and costs that run up into the millions of dollars each year.  The additional financial burden of penalties from Medicare and Medicaid will put many rural health organizations at risk of going out of business.   If too many rural health organizations go out of business, it then becomes a matter of national security and here’s why:
In most rural communities, the healthcare organization is the largest employer.  When the largest employer goes out of business, the community collapses and people move away.  What was once a thriving community then becomes a ghost town.  Rural America produces the food that feeds the rest of the country. 
What will happen when our amber waves of grain turn to desert wastelands because there is no one to work our great farmlands?  As the source of food dries up, and store shelves empty, the price of food will go through the roof.   As food prices go up, hyperinflation will become a reality, and our printed money will become worthless.  Almost overnight, Americans will begin to go hungry because they won’t be able to afford to put food on the table.
You may think it sounds like a really bad movie, but it should be food for thought.
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