President Trump Will Repeal and Replace Obamacare

NOVEMBER 22, 2016
David Alemian

Many Americans are wondering about what will happen to healthcare under President Trump’s administration.   At this point, the smart money is saying we will repeal and replace Obamacare with something else.
Whatever the new plan looks like, I feel very confident that it will be a lot better than what we currently have in place.
Some of the things we can look forward to are:
1. Improved access to care, especially in rural areas. Special focus should be put on addressing talent shortages, particularly in rural areas.

2. Lowering the cost of healthcare. Turnover costs are absolutely enormous and talent shortages drive up those costs because the longer a talent vacancy goes unfilled the higher the turnover cost.

3. Improving the quality of healthcare.  Talent shortages force many healthcare organizations to hire almost anyone who is properly licensed because they need warm bodies to deliver care.  The result is many healthcare teams are unable to deliver high quality care because they lack high quality talent.
Improving access, lowering costs, and improving quality are three vital healthcare issues that must be successfully addressed.  There is one common element in each of those areas that has to be overcome or they are all destined to fail, and that is the talent shortage.
To achieve success, every talent retention and recruitment program must have a pension plan with a long-term vesting period. The reason is because without pension plans and their long-term vesting periods there is nothing holding the needed talent to the healthcare organization.
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