Do You Need Assault and Hazard Insurance?

NOVEMBER 28, 2016
David Alemian

Healthcare workers suffer the highest rate of work related injuries and illnesses of any industry – 45% of all workplace violence occurs in healthcare.

If you work in healthcare, chances are you've been injured on the job before or you know someone who has been or both; I’m talking about injuries or illnesses that result in days lost from work. According to a 2013 report, over 650,000 nurses, aides, orderlies, and others are injured or become seriously ill every year.

Assaults are so common that every hour, of every day, 365 days a year, someone in healthcare has become an assault victim.  Falls, sprains, and strains are such regular occurrences they seem to be part of the job, and if everything that I’ve just covered isn’t enough – it is estimated that there are almost one million accidental needle sticks in this country every year. 

Many of these work-related injuries or illnesses result in the employee’s inability to work lasting days, weeks, and even months.  Some of these incidents are career-ending events.

Workers compensation and disability are simply not enough because they usually cover only about two-thirds of regular salary, and no overtime.  Add out-of-pocket medical expenses quickly leads to financial disaster, ruined lives, and destroyed families.

If you work in the healthcare industry, assault and hazard insurance is definitely something you need. It supplements your workers comp and disability insurance. The good news is it’s so inexpensive to buy that a good employer will buy it and give it to their employees as a supplemental benefit.

No healthcare worker should lose their home, and/or be forced into bankruptcy, because they got sick or injured on the job while trying to help someone else. 

Want more information?  Send an email to, and ask about Assault and Hazard insurance.  You can then forward the information to the benefits department in your organization.

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