Americans Will Overcome Healthcare Challenges

OCTOBER 18, 2016
David Alemian

The world of healthcare will face big challenges, both professional and personal, in the coming years. Some of the professional challenges will include: the transition to value-based healthcare, rising costs, and talent shortages. 

When it comes to personal challenges, the biggest problem almost everyone will face is having enough money to retire. Overcoming these issues is going to take positive thinking and innovation.  Cynicism and doubt need to be thrown out the window because there’s no room for either. 

We can develop innovative solutions to simultaneously solve both our professional and personal challenges because this is America, and we are Americans.  We do the things that no one else does, and we solve the problems that no one else can, and the world looks at us with amazement. 

Yes, our healthcare system is far from perfect, but we still provide the best healthcare in the world PERIOD.
Some people point to other countries and suggest their systems are better, but if that were true, why do people from those countries come to America when they need healthcare?  It’s because we have the best doctors, we build the best hospitals, we develop the best science, and we provide the best care anywhere.   If we can do all that… and we do… we can certainly overcome any trials we face. 

America is not only the leader of the free world, America is also the leader of the medical world and you are part of that world. 

Leaders innovate as they blaze new trails and they rise up, shoulders back, and smiling they embrace innovation to meet the challenges before them.  Be a leader and be part of doing something that hasn’t been done before.
We are Americans! We went to the moon and back, and we did it with 60s technology.  Let’s put it into perspective any professional or personal challenge: Transitioning to value-based care? Talent Shortages?  Having enough money to retire? It’s not just a piece of cake… it’s mom’s apple pie and I invite you to be part of it.

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