Effectively Getting Your Word Out

DECEMBER 18, 2012
Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC
Physician bloggers whose online marketing strategy for products or services includes a blog think that successful marketing is about writing as much content as possible. This can lead to burnout.
The real secret is to promote each blog post effectively, rather than writing more often.
Andreea Ayers, founder of Launch Grow Joy, has created 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts, and most of them are free. Using the tips provided by Ayers’ infrographic can help you get the most leverage out of each post.
Some suggestions include:
— Add your latest blog posts to your email signature.
— Submit your post as a guest post to other relevant blogs (with a bit of re-writing).
— Join a blogging community and exchange links with other bloggers.
— Use a syndication site, like DemandStudios.com or Outbrain.com, to spread your content across many networks.
Click here to see the full infographic.

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