Customer Service that Truly Sparkles

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012
Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC
I am irate. Infuriated. Enraged.
Having set aside a full work day (for the second time) to have new office cabinetry and a desk installed (I had to set aside an entire day because this company is unable tell me in advance what time to expect the installers), I have just learned that "someone dropped the ball and they can't come today"!
I had also arranged for my computer guy and an ergonomics consultant to be here — so THREE schedules have been impacted by this rotten service.
I was about to spend several thousand dollars. So why do they apparently not care about making me happy?
The bigger question is: Why is it apparently so difficult to deliver good customer service?
I suspect it begins with not even having a definition of good customer service in the first place. Since this is an intangible, let's define excellence in customer service together — I'll go first and I am going to aim high!
Excellent customer service is:
Customer-centric: The company or business runs its business by accommodating customers' preferences and is NOT driven merely by its internal scheduling convenience
Reliable: It does what it promised it will do.
Friendly: It has a good attitude, even when there are hiccups.
Helpful: It goes beyond simply reacting and offers useful guidance and suggestions.
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