Are You Making Resolutions or Commitments?

JANUARY 01, 2013
Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC
In the past, I have remarked on my innate resistance to making New Year's resolutions. I believe these ideas of intention are born out of desperation to change something in our lives that isn't working, and don't offer much more than quivering hope and wishful thinking.

No 2013 resolutions for me ... no siree!!

However, I do have a desire to fulfill a promise I made to myself over six years ago ... to reach out to my Entrepreneurial MD reading community via my blog and share thoughts, ideas and questions. And to listen for and learn from your responses.

So I am going public with my 2013 Commitment.

I have found it increasingly hard to sit down regularly and write a short article for this blog. On closer inspection, this lack of activity has come about because I have fallen victim to a form of laziness — "I'm too busy;" "I don't have anything to say today;" "I've got this deadline to meet and I must attend to it first;" etc..

Sounds like many of us with exercise, correct?

My commitment is to get back into the habit of writing regularly ... as I was doing earlier in the year.

Keeping a commitment feels honorable; sticking to a resolution feels dutiful.

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