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The CDC conducted the first nationally relevant study of associations between air pollutants and ER visits across patient demographics and conditions.
Investigators identified reasons veterans might decline or not adhere to HCV treatment and proposed ways to optimize treatment.
As of September 2018, 95% of children treated with Zolgensma were alive and did not require permanent ventilation.
A new Northwell Health study showed that setting a chronic standard-of-care plan and correcting outliers could influence opioid prescription rates.
The study also found that the overall rate of cardiovascular events was low in the study population, indicating that statins aren’t required for all RA patients.
Duaklier Pressair is a is a fixed-dose combination of the long-acting muscarinic antagonist aclidinium and the long-acting beta agonist formoterol.
A new trial finds a drug regimen for multidrug-resistant TB can be substantially shorter than the 20 months currently recommended by the WHO.
It's been nearly a century since one of the greatest medical findings reached patients. How has the story of insulin changed modern diabetes care?
Pregnant women who suffer from asthma reported a two-fold greater risk for PPD according to the results of a large-scale Quebec hospital cohort.
Is there an improved method of care for patients at risk of losing limbs?
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