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Investigators examine data from 13,200 adolescents to discover the association between bullying perpetration with internalizing problems.
A systematic review shows women are putting their offspring at risk of various chronic conditions, based on their improper diets.
An analysis of more than 4 million patients in the Swedish Birth Registry is shining light on the associations between preterm birth and the development of diabetes as a child or young adult. 
In a new study, investigators examine how cognitive behavioral therapy used with antidepressants result in a reduction of depressive episode recurrence.
Results of a pilot study examining the impact of a 10-hour restricted eating window in patients with metabolic syndrome indicate the dietary intervention could help patients lose weight and improve their symptoms without changes in physical activity
An analysis of more than 4 million people from Europe has found children born to mothers with diabetes were at a 29% increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease before the age of 40. 
Patients want to engage with their physicians in ways that are easy and convenient for them, according to a recent 1000-patient survey.
In a new trial, investigators find glecaprevir and pibrentasvir is safe to treatment HCV patients who failed treatment with an NS5A inhibitor.
An analysis from the University of Michigan has found postoperative myocardial infarction is still associated with an increased risk of mortality, despite use of evidence-based strategies. 
In a new study, investigators find that good dietary habits do not necessarily reduce the risk of dementia later in life.
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