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Highly-purified cannabidiol (CBD) marketed as Epidiolex can lower the chances of seizures in adults and children with epilepsy.
What if insights from population data were able to help doctors predict a potential diagnosis months or even years earlier and be used to monitor these patients after a diagnosis is made?
Molecular testing for HCV and other infectious diseases can be done successfully in a point-of-care setting, but a new study says participation rates might be driven down in HIV is mentioned.
Tolsura was approved for patients with blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, and aspergillosis—infections most commonly associated with immunocompromising diseases such as HIV/AIDS or chronic rheumatic disorders.
Patients with epilepsy who live in high crime areas of Chicago had 3 times the rate of seizures as those in low crime neighborhoods.
New research finds posttraumatic growth is an important positive factor in life satisfaction for patients with HIV, even after controlling for the negative consequences of stigma and disclosure regret.   
The ethically dubious physician says he has no regrets. Here’s why.
In 2018, investigators confirmed that one of the staple symptoms of multiple sclerosis—white matter demyelination—isn't always consistent.
The FDA has approved Atlantic Therapeutics’ INNOVO, the first non-invasive therapy device for stress urinary incontinence.
The guidance touches on hand hygiene, airway management, environmental disinfection, and IV drug injection recommendations.
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