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Study from ENDO 2020 assesses the effects of teprotumumab based on the age, gender, and smoking status of patients.
Appropriate monitoring and treatment of hypothyroidism is needed for individuals who work long hours.
New data from ENDO 2020 suggests the presence of erectile dysfunction and sexual symptoms was linked to increased risk of death. 
Treating thyrotropin changes associated with aging adaptation could adversely alter key homeostatic compensations.
Glucagon-like receptor agonists did not reduce the rate of hospitalization for heart failure as much as SGLT2 inhibitors did.
Patients with fractures closer to the center of the body had a 1.5- to four-fold greater risk of death over 2 years of follow-up.
Patients of both sexes and differing levels of LVEF reported similar reductions in NT-proBNP when treated with the combination therapy, versus lone valsartan.
An AI tool identified a near five-fold higher amount of potential fractures than the manual method.
An interventional cardiologist shares perspective on what the new two-year TAVR findings mean for him and colleagues.
New secondary analsysis from the large-scale heart failure trial shows continued benefit of the SGLT2 inhibitor.
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