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Direct-acting antiviral treatment of HCV prior to liver transplant does not increase pre-transplant liver cancer progression or post-transplant recurrence.
As people age, their B cells become less adaptive, leaving them more susceptible to the flu.
A new CMS-based study reports that annual healthcare spending growth should exceed an average of 5%, and that spending will shift from private to Medicare.
Behavioral model predicts when MS patients decline treatment for delayed or insufficient benefit, and the probability and severity of side effects.
The intranasal epinephrine spray is being developed for use with Intravail, a nasal absorption enhancing technology.
The first prospective, longitudinal study of direct-acting antivirals for HCV finds that treatment reduces risks of all-cause mortality and liver cancer.
Each flu season, the race is on to determine how well the flu vaccine is working. But researchers caution that many of the studies used to calculate effectiveness have potential pitfalls.
FDA trial approval would make this trial the first ever to test a stem cell-based therapy derived from induced pluripotent stem cells for treating any disease.
An investigational non-opioid pain medication, tanezumab demonstrated statistically significant pain reduction at 16 weeks compared to placebo.
The Novo Nordisk drug has been granted approved with supporting evidence from a 270-patient assessment—the largest pre-registration clinical program ever conducted in the hemophilia A field.
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