The 10 Worst Cities For Skin Health

MAY 24, 2016
Amy Jacob
With the month of May dedicated to skin cancer awareness, new research brings to light more cases of skin cancer being diagnosed than breast, colon, lung, and prostrate cancers combined.
The latest report from The American Cancer Society indicated that more than five million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annual – with more than 76,000 incidences of invasive melanoma in 2016 alone.
While experts often lament skin cancer is a disease preventable by limiting one’s exposure to tanning beds and the sun, there are man-made things that aggressively affect the skin: stress, pollution, tobacco use, and poor diet.
To identify the regions where protecting one’s skin is an everyday battle, analysts from compared the 150 largest US cities across 17 metrics. The data ranges from “melanoma incidence rate per 100,000 residents” to “Ultraviolet index” to “cost of a non-invasive dermatological procedure.”
The following highlights the 10 worst US cities for skin care along with their rank among four broad categories:
·      Skin cancer prevalence and contributors
·      Pollution and smoking
·      Climate
·      Skin health and care

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