The 10 Best Cities for Healthy Skin

MAY 26, 2016
Amy Jacob
Sunny skies and summer months usually can’t arrive soon enough, and depending on travel destinations, skincare in the heat can be overwhelming.
Stressing about proper SPFs and moisturizers can take its toll, especially when cases of skin cancer are seemingly surpassing breast, colon, lung, and prostrate cancers combined.
However, a new report from explained that people from certain regions in the US don’t need to worry so much about their skin. After comparing the 150 largest US cities across 17 metrics, these analysts shared which areas in the nation are actually beneficial for skin health.
The data involved ranges from “ultraviolet index” to “number of skincare specialists per 1000,000 residents” to “melanoma incidence rate per 100,000 residents”.
People often cautiously want to know which regions to avoid.
But, what follows is a list of the 10 best US cities for skin health, with their rank among four main categories:
·      Climate
·      Pollution and smoking
·      Skin cancer prevalence and contributors
·      Skin health and care
So, with the holiday weekend quickly approaching, pack your bags for some real fun in the sun. 

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