Hospitalists Taking Advantage of the iPhone

DECEMBER 15, 2008
Sean Johnson
Aside from taking photos, capturing video, surfing the net, providing GPS navigation, and making phone calls, the iPhone is now primed to help hospitalists on their rounds. Last week, pMDsoft announced the release of its mobile charge capture and rounding software for the iPhone; the application will allow users to “write sign-off notes while rounding, and enter billing information quickly” and is “the first charge capture software to market that can be downloaded from the App Store, so it can be used even in lead-lined rooms and remote areas with no signal.”

Dr. Valeriy Kraydman of Huntington Hospital Hospitalists in New York uses the program during her rounds. She said “pMDsoft for the iPhone is intuitive, very easy. It works well and it just makes sense. I like how it sorts my patients the way I round, so I don't have to carry paper anymore.” Developers of the program made sure to go the extra mile by building a native iPhone application instead of a website—this way, pMDsoft can be fully functional anywhere, even when users are offline. This functional offline mode is also accessible to users of the iPod Touch, which is convenient because it does not require a cell phone subscription.

Check out the press release here.

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