Recurrence of Hepatitis C After Treatment Studied

JANUARY 22, 2016
Catherine Kolonko

For the high risk group, 14 studies were reviewed, including 12 that evaluated risk among injection drug users and two studies among prisoners. Out of a total of 771 patients, HCV returned in 42, amounting to a pooled recurrence rate of 22.32/1000 PYFU.

The researchers also evaluated four studies of people who were coinfected with HIV/HCV and found that 31 out of 309 patients experienced a recurrence of hepatitis C, a pooled recurrence rate of 32.02/1000 PYFU, according to the article.

“These incidence rates led to estimated 5-year recurrence rates of 0.95%, 10.67%, and 15.02% in the low-risk, high-risk, and coinfection groups, respectively,” the article states. “Thus, despite higher recurrence rates in those with identified ongoing risk behaviors and/or HIV infection, SVR is durable, and the great majority of patients have SVR at 5 years post-treatment.”

Because the meta-analysis involved recurrence post-treatment and cases of spontaneous clearance were excluded, the findings indicate that the greater risk of recurrence in the high-risk and HIV coninfected groups is fueled by an increased likelihood of reinfection, state the authors. They call for more prevention campaigns aimed at people at high-risk of re-exposure to HCV.

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