Q&A With Ron Schey From Temple University Hospital: Vibrating Capsule Aims to Help Patients with Chronic Constipation

JULY 29, 2015
Amy Jacob

For patients unable to have regular bowel movements the search for effective treatment can be uncomfortable with limited options. A potential new treatment is being tested where a vibrating capsule could help these patients with regular bodily functions.

Ron Schey, MD, FACG, from Temple University Hospital, one of the researchers involved in the study discussed the work during a recent interview with MD Magazine. Schey said 15% of the population suffers from chronic constipation, making it an important condition to be addressed. Chronic constipation, he said, is identified as having three or fewer bowel movements over the course of a week. Schey said the fact that it is not a pharmaceutical treatment separates it from current options available on the market. 

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