New Acid Treatment for Darker Skinned Acne Patients

NOVEMBER 30, 2015
Amy Jacob
Acne patients with darker skin tones found relief with chemical peels using 25% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and 30% salicylic acid.
To compare the therapeutic efficacy of TCA in patients, researchers recently completed a study involving 20 adults afflicted with mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris and Fitzpatrick skin types 3 to 5.
The patients underwent chemical peeling with TCA 25% on the right side of their faces and 30% salicylic acid on the left side at intervals of two weeks for a total of two months.
Total improvement was more frequent with salicylic acid peeling (95% or 19 patients) versus (85% or 17 patients) with TCA.
Also, although TCA peeling resulted in more frequent improvement in total comedones (80%), treatment with salicylic acid significantly improved inflammatory lesions (85%).
Interestingly, the experts noted there was no statistically major difference between the two treatments.
“The study demonstrates that both peels are successful for the treatment of moderate and mild acne in Fitzpatrick skin types 3 to 5 without complication. The 25% TCA peel is superior in treating comedonal lesions, while the 30% salicylic acid peel is superior in treating inflammatory lesions,” concluded the authors.

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