Most Read Clinical Headlines in 2013

DECEMBER 29, 2013
Katie Eder
From breastfeeding implications, to iPhone apps for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), to Obamacare fallouts, here are the most popular pediatrics, gastroenterology, primary care, rheumatology, neurology, psychiatry, pain management, infectious disease, cardiology, and endocrinology articles from 2013.


Peanut Butter Intake in Pre-Teens Tied to Breast Health
Vegetable protein and fat intakes, including peanut butter and nuts, during pre-adolescence may subsequently help reduce the risk for benign breast disease (BBD).

Breastfeeding Duration Linked to Child Intelligence
Breastfeeding duration is associated with receptive language at age 3 and intelligence at age 7.

A Month-Old Infant Misdiagnosed with Child Abuse
A diagnostic radiologist misinterprets a month-old infant's anterior-posterior (AP) chest radiograph and AP and lateral skull radiographs as being "positive" for bilateral parietal bone fractures.

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