Misty Humphries: Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease and Talking About Amputation

AUGUST 09, 2016
Adam Hochron

If peripheral artery disease is not caught soon enough patients risk losing toes, feet, or legs to amputation. Going from the beginning of the treatment process through potential amputation is a delicate balancing act for doctors.

Misty D. Humphries, MD, MAS, RPVI, from UC Davis Health System said there are still things that can be done for treatment prior to amputation but that it is something that needs to be kept in mind throughout the process. Once amputation is needed Humphries said it is important to have a discussion with patients and their loved ones about what life will be like after the surgery and what can be done to help them going forward. She also noted that while amputation will address issues in that particular limb it is important to continue to monitor patients in case amputation on the remaining limb is needed as well. 

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