Michael Palese from Mount Sinai Health System: Studying Gender and Race Differences in Robotic Surgery

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
Adam Hochron

As robotic surgery has become more popular in fields like urology and gynecology questions have been raised about who is most likely to undergo these procedures and why that is the case.

Michael A. Palese, MD, of the Mount Sinai Health System discussed the results of the study during a recent interview with MD Magazine. Palese was part of a team that presented the research at Minimally Invasive Surgery Week in Boston. The study was focused on procedures done in New York State starting in 2009 to see if there were any trends in the usage of robotic procedures. Palese said there is not a gender or racial bias in the procedures but rather a change in the patient population who have pursued this as a treatment option in that time. 

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