In Rheumatology Military Doctors Face Similar Conditions With Varying Causes and Treatments

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015
Adam Hochron
The field of rheumatology is the same whether it is in the civilian or military world. Differences can be seen in the cause of some of these conditions as well as the treatment options pursued by doctors.

Army Lt. Colonel Jess Edison from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center discussed how military doctors approach these conditions as well as other topics during a recent interview with MD Magazine.

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is the hub of military medicine and as a result sees a wide patient pool in a variety of fields and specialties. Getting those patients the best care possible and either back in the field or to their loved ones is a primary goal of providers who work there.

For a number of reasons osteoarthritis is a growing problem in military medicine both for active duty soldiers and veterans. As a result new guidelines have been implemented to help treat patients with this condition.

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