Douglas Slakey From Tulane University: Like New Orleans Tulane Medical Center Comes Back Stronger After Katrina

MARCH 01, 2016
Adam Hochron

In the years leading up to Hurricane Katrina striking New Orleans one of the leading health care providers in the city was working on finding its footing and direction heading into the 21st century. In the wake of the storm there was more flexibility to chart a new course into the future.

Douglas Slakey, MD, MPH, arrived at Tulane University Medical Center nearly a decade before the storm hit the city and was there after the storm cleared helping the institution rebuild while still providing a high level of care to patients throughout the catastrophic event. 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the city of New Orleans has rebuilt itself to again be a major hub of the southern states. That work has included rebuilding its health care system to be better than it was before the storm thanks to the work of a lot of people and significant financial investments.

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