Diagnosing Plaque Psoriasis a 'Straightforward' Effort for Dermatologists

NOVEMBER 09, 2016
Adam Hochron

With plaque psoriasis becoming an increasingly common condition providers are able to more easily identify the condition than they had in the past. Looking for red scaling plaques, and thickened skin, as well as asking questions can get doctors the answers they need. In rare cases skin biopsies are also performed.

In some cases helping the patients to accept hte diagnosis and approach to treatment can be the most sensitive pat of the treatment. Laura Korb Ferris, MD, PhD, from UPMC said sometimes patients believe they have a much more serious condition than they do before seeking treatment. When the right diagnosis is made Ferris said the patients feel better and are even more encouraged when they see better symptom management. Ferris said with more awareness on the part of the patient it can make the treatment process go that much smoother. 

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