Diabetes: A Year in Review

DECEMBER 29, 2016
Ryan Black
Asian Americans are More Likely to be Have It, Less Likely to Know It
Despite a heightened risk of diabetes, Asian Americans are least likely to be screened for the disease, according to a new study from the University of Chicago.  

"Asian Americans are not necessarily averse to screening tests," said lead author Elizabeth Tung, MD, citing the study’s findings that even those who had completed breast and colon cancer screenings were less likely to be checked for diabetes. But  "even after accounting for education, access to healthcare and other key factors,” she says, “Asian Americans had 34 percent lower odds of being screened compared to non-Hispanic whites."

Due to their higher propensity for diabetes, for 2015 the American Diabetes Association actually lowered thresholds in their recommendations for diabetes screening for Asian Americans.

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