Dermatologists Say Kids with Eczema Can Shower Every Day

JUNE 29, 2016
Amy Jacob
Dermatologists have long advised against giving daily baths to kids suffering from eczema, but new research has debunked that practice – a daily wash is acceptable, followed by plenty of moisturizer.
Because eczema triggers tremendously dry, itchy, and sometimes, inflamed skin, many healthcare professionals once thought infrequent bathing would help prevent this irritation.
But other medical professionals believe showering at least once a day would aid in keeping the skin hydrated. Specifically, the process of “soak and smear” – long baths followed by immediately using moisturizer would help seal in the moisture.
Since parents are usually given conflicting advice about bathing their children with eczema, and are left to consult their dermatologists, researchers have urged dermatologists to come to an agreement on this topic. 
As such, researchers have concluded daily baths are fine, as long as they are followed with thorough moisturizing to avoid the skin drying out even more. 

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