David Walega from Northwestern Medicine: Using Radiofrequency Ablation in Pain Management

JULY 07, 2016
Adam Hochron

Pain management can be a daunting problem for physicians and patients alike. The development of new treatments can go a long way in helping patients maintain a high quality of life.

While lower back pain may be one of the most common complaints among patients David R. Walega, MD, from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University discussed a procedure they are using to help patients with chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis. Known as radiofrequency ablation Walega said they have seen considerable benefits from the procedure so far in clinical trials and are looking at ways to improve the procedure to make it more effective in the future. Work is also being done to find other potential treatments which could help patients have more long lasting results.  

Walega said that for many patients non-surgical options can be enough to help reduce the pain but that for some that is not enough to provide the relief they need for their daily lives.  

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