David Bernstein: Managing Risk Factors in Hepatitis C

JULY 27, 2016
Adam Hochron

Now that most forms of hepatitis C are treatable if not curable other conditions like fatty liver disease are drawing a lot of attention in the field of hepatology. While doctors make this change in direction there is still work being done to manage risk factors in patients at risk of contracting the disease. 

Some potential risk factors, like intravenous drug use should not stop a patient from getting treatment according to David Bernstein, MD, from Northwell Health. He did note that IV drug use and snorting cocaine can be among the leading risk factors, along with blood transfusions prior to stricter regulations in that area. Bernstein said that while it is not an issue in his home state of New York, having insurance companies cover the costs of these new medications can be an issue for some patients. 

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