ARISTOTLE: Finding Right Biomarkers With Predictive Clinical Outcomes Value

DECEMBER 01, 2016
MD Magazine Staff

At AHA 2016, Poushali Mukherjea, PhD, Bristol-Myers Squibb, was proud to present, with her team, 12 abstracts bringing in new scientific data covering real world data and sub analyses from their pivotal trial ARISTOTLE.

Mukherjea specifically wanted to highlight a few studies, one on novel biomarkers for which the set of results represented their collaboration with scientific academic groups and supporting them in their pursuit of finding right biomarkers that will have potentially better predictative clinical outcomes value. Other abstracts of note touched upon history of GI bleeds predicting the risk of future GI bleeds. Mukherjea added, "Then the other one that particularly comes to my mind is looking at underlying comorbid risk factors where we talked about having the most optimal cardiovascular outcome, how it is not only important to treat the AF, but also [important] to look at the underlying heart failure. While the sub analyses data provides some scientific insight, you really need to follow it up with more, larger controlled studies."

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