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One phase 2 study showed that RBX2660, a microbiota-based drug comprised of human stool, was effective in 77.8% of patients.
The cerebrospinal fluid assays can detect biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease and help clinicians diagnose AD before clinical symptoms appear.
Proper diagnostics is key in healthcare, but patient education on management and medication use can lead to empowerment that unlocks optimal health outcomes.
The ACAAI's new yardstick for pediatric asthma provides guidance on stepping-up asthma treatments to gain and maintain symptom control.
The statistical algorithm incorporates data including age, depression severity, neuroticism, and cognitive control to decide which patients with depression are most likely to benefit from the antidepressant sertraline.
Perhaps surprisingly, patients admitted during periods of higher occupancy had 15% lower odds of contracting Clostridium difficile infection.
Researchers found that tobacco users, regardless of what product-type they used, underestimated the risks nicotine exposure posed to children and the high rates of multiple tobacco use.
The first meta-analysis of AMD clinical meta-analyses shows many have methodological limitations—more so those sponsored by industry than those sponsored by governments.
Researchers suggested that anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and E could delay or even reduce the risk of AMD in patients with gout, as they have been proven to have a beneficial effect in patients with AMD.
Among men who have sex with men, the increased odds of a new HIV infection per HIV-positive partner was reduced by 91% for each partner with whom condoms were always used.
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