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There are many factors that make living at home with Alzheimer disease difficult.
Bipolar depression can be difficult to treat and is often misdiagnosed.
A panel discussion on a growing public concern over our ability to treat and prevent dementia.
Outside of CPAP, what therapies—invasive and non-invasive—exist for patients?
A Johns Hopkins University study found that donating a kidney was linked to a 19% increase in developing hypertension, regardless of a patient's race. 
Despite being commonly prescribed as an antidepressant, investigators find sertraline more effective at alleviating anxiety symptoms.
A new study shows that approximately one-quarter of adults aged 18-34 years old with a medical condition have used marijuna in the past month.
The therapy becomes the first oral GLP-1 agonist approved for the treatment of A1C reduction.
HIV patients will be allowed to switch to doravirine or doravirine/lamivudine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate if they are virally suppressed with no prior history of treatment failure.
The approved test detects Babesia parasites in red blood cells—an advancement due to the inability to detect parasite in traditional plasma or serum samples.
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