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Study presented at DDW 2019 found that walking and resistance training was associated with a lower risk of cirrhosis-related death. 
Why are diagnoses still significantly underwhelming for a chronic condition on the rise?
High-risk LIVE scores for patients with COPD were associated with higher all-cause mortality and higher rates of referral to palliative care.
New Sunovion data at ATS 2019 shows expected trends of comorbidity effect on patients, and surprising results of care between men and women.
In an open-label trial among adults with mild asthma, budesonide-formoterol treatment was superior to albuterol for the prevention of asthma exacerbations.
Investigators were seeking an alternative therapy for persistent asthma patients reporting insufficient benefit from mometasone, despite it being the guideline standard.
A study presented at DDW 2019 found that endoscopic sleeve gastroplasties found significant and sustainable weight loss among patients 5 years after surgery. 
Study presented at DDW 2019  found that transplantation of gut microbes from lean donor could aid weight loss in obese, metabolically healthy recipients.
A review highlights aflibercept’s efficacy in treatment non-responders and points to a couple promising new AMD therapies in development.
The Submitted Biologics Application for AR101, the first potential pediatric food allergy preventive therapy, will be considered on September 13.
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