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In a clinical trial, the reSET-O app increased retention in an outpatient opioid use disorder treatment program.
The immunoassay uses automated clinical chemistry analyzers to provide a quantitative measure of plazomicin in human plasma.
No studies to-date have looked at the combined risk of mortality for patients with thrombocytopenia and severe hepatic steatosis.
African-American patients with moderate or severe sleep apnea have twice, or 3.5 times, the risk of resistant hypertension, respectively.
Pulmonary rehab is a program of exercise and education that is proven to increase exercise capacity, reduce symptoms, and elevate quality of life for patients, and  is recommended in all major professional society guidelines in the US, Europe, and Canada.
The decision to modify a disease-modifying multiple sclerosis therapy in the face of declining cognitive function could rest on whether the measure of decline marks worsening of disease.
Providers should be aware that periodontal disease may hinder the efficacy of blood pressure medication.
The seemingly complicated maneuvers of getting patient’s cholesterol better can be resolved with common sense. What’s best for the patient?
Children with autism spectrum disorder abnormal EEG results were more similar to children with epilepsy than to children with normal EEG results.
Since the PCSK9 inhibitors were approved for cholesterol management by the FDA in 2015, they have been frequently compared.
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