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Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign has resulted in the nonprofit organization's indefinite suspension.
Investigators comparing New York and a group of control states before and after mandates found greater than expected reductions of in-hospital mortality. 
The majority of physicians who exhibit burnout symptoms receive more than the average number of system-generated in-basket messages.
How the thought of AD has changed to interpret the disease's pathology, and why that has benefitted clinicians.
AD symptoms can take years to manifest, making clinical trials difficult. Investigators are fixed on finding disease biomarkers.
A trio of emergency medicine experts headline our first entry in the weekly healthcare conversation on Twitter.
Recent study shows that obesity appears to be associated with an increased pediatric MS risk and that obese patients did not respond well to first-line medications.
Investigators examined more than 3500 adolescents and found associations between computer and social media use, but not video game and television use. 
Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School discusses how much progress has been made in the fight against cardiovascular disease. 
Study of more than 650 COPD patients found that CRP-guided prescribing resulted in a lower percentage of patients who reported antibiotic use.
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