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A majority of those who fall under the criteria for recommended HIV testing has not once received such testing.
The best results came from second-stage therapies, which produced significant increases in remission and response rates.
Subcutaneous injections of nemolizumab in addition to topical agents result in a greater reduction in pruritus than placebo plus topical agents.
Shorter nighttime sleep duration and later bedtime at 3.5 years old age were significantly associated with borderline personality disorder symptoms.
Genomics, in combination with patient demographic risks, could help better inform clinicians of persons at risk for worsened chronic pulmonary burden.
Those who received the agent in EMERGE reported a significant slowing of decline on measures of cognition and function such as memory, orientation, and language, as well as for activities of daily living.
Patients with acne who receive isotretinoin treatment can expect a four- to five-fold improvement from baseline to follow-up in quality of life.
No skin preparation solution is more beneficial or advantageous than others in reducing infection rates.
An expert responds to how COVID-19 has affected infertility patients. 
Tests for N-methyl-Daspartate receptor, myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein, and aquaporin-4 autoantibodies had negative results in all patients.
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