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How technology, innovation, and preventive care drove the last 10 years of improved public heart health.
Over 4 decades, the lessons I learned from my first chief of medicine have never wavered in value.
Investigators point out some of the reasons as to why there are less African Americans involved in AML clinical trials.
Timely identification of non-responders could reduce toxicities and costs, investigators wrote.
A new study presented at ASH 2019 is providing further evidence for the use of weight-adjusted rivaroxaban in children with venous thromboembolism. 
A recent study from Penn Medicine presented at ASH 2019 has found mosunetuzumab could be an effective treatment for B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma refractory to CAR T therapy. 
How do primary care physicians interact with specialists, and what is the current state of care?
During the annual ASH meeting, investigators issue new clinical development guidelines for sickle cell disease therapies.
Sociodemographic, physician, and insurance coverage influences who receives biologic DMARD therapy, findings of a cohort study found.
A new analysis has found the switch to the “increased-risk” donor classification by the US Public Health Service has had minimal impact on outcomes of lung transplants
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