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MAY 27, 2010
The Apple App Store consists of an ever-expanding collection of iPhone and iPod touch applications that are designed specifically for physicians. There are currently more than 2,500 apps under the medical heading in the App Store, and more are being added every day (more than 320 have been added since January 1). With so many apps from which to choose, where do you start? Enter, App Wrap, our way of helping you to sort through it all. Enter the titles listed below into the iTunes search window to easily find and download these apps.

Selections from iTunes’ Top 20 Free Medical Apps (as of February 9)

1) Medscape (2 months running)

3) Epocrates (2 months running)

5) Medical Encyclopedia (2 months running)

8) Muscle System (Head and Neck) (2 months running)

11) Skeletal System (Head and Neck) (down from 10th in January)

14) MedCalc (medical calculator) (down from 11th in January)

16) Psych Drugs (down from 15th in January)

19) Mental Illness (new to this list)

Selections from iTunes’ Top 20 Paid Medical Apps (as of February 9)

1) iPharmacy (new to this list)

3) Muscle Trigger Points (new to this list)

6) Anatomy Quiz (up from 9th in January)

7) Drugs & Medications (down from 2nd in January)

8) Instant ECG Guide: An Electrocardiogram Rhythms Interpretation Guide (2 months running)

10) ACLS Advisor – Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (new to this list)

12) The ECG Guide (2 months running)

13) Stethoscope Expert (new to this list)

15) Diagnosaurus DDx (down from 14th)

16) Pocket Lab Values (down from 10th in January)

17) Advanced Human Body Encyclopedia (new to this list)

Editor’s Pick

Blausen Human Atlas
Memory Requirement: 25.0MB
Average App Store Rating: 4 stars (36 ratings)

Blausen Human Atlas helps bridge the communication gap between physician and patient. The app uses 3-D animation to explain medical conditions and treatments. Narrated animation videos, animated bodies that rotate, and a medical glossary cross-referenced to the animation translate complex information into lay terms. One iTunes App Store review says, “In today’s video-intensive environment, these little ‘movies’ really make things understandable for people who are just our patients, not medical professionals.”

Honorable Mention

The Placebo Journal
Memory Requirement: 39.6MB
Average App Store Rating: 3 stars (7 ratings)

We’ve long been fans of the Placebo Journal here at MDNG, and so we were happy to see that its creators had developed this app, “intended for healthcare professionals only as this sort of humor can be dangerous in the hands of the untrained…” The Placebo Journal is directed specifically at healthcare professionals and is meant to make them laugh, sometimes slightly crossing the line by being “unafraid to say what we are all thinking.” The app currently has just two reviews: one complains of poor picture quality and text that’s difficult to read, and the other reads, “Freaking. Awesome… I’ve loved the PJ in print for years, and having the laughs handy and portable cheers me up so much. Thank you!!”

For Your Patients

The Merck Manual – Home Edition
Memory Requirement: 16.9MB
Average App Store Rating: 4 stars (35 ratings)

Patients often must make lifealtering decisions without an adequate understanding of the medical facts. The Merck Manual – Home Edition gives patients immediate medical reference support in easy-to-understand language. According to the iTunes App Store, “It is essential for anyone who needs clarification of a diagnosis, wants a quick reference to a medical term, or would like to communicate more effectively with a healthcare professional.” Twentyfour iTunes App Store customers gave the app a five-star rating, whereas only several gave it a one-star rating.

Our Non-medical Favorites

Jet Lag Rx
Memory Requirement: 0.7MB
Average App Store Rating: 2 stars (7 ratings)

Tired of arriving at those overseas conferences…well, tired? Jet Lag Rx delivers you to your destination relaxed and refreshed. The app uses the latest jet lag research to reduce the hassle of longdistance travel. You enter your travel destination and some basic information and it creates a schedule for eating, sleeping, and light exposure.

Memory Requirement: 0.2MB
Average App Store Rating: 3.5 stars (583 ratings)

Need to access a patient’s records while out of the office or traveling, but can’t get a Wi-Fi connection? WiFiFoFum locates Wi-Fi networks and provides a wealth of information on each, including SSID (service set identifier), MAC (media access control) address, RSSI (received signal strength indication), AP (access point) mode, security mode, channel, and available transmission rates. The application then permits connection to your choice of network, as long as it’s unlocked or you have the password. A time-saving feature logs access point locations for future use. WiFiFoFum’s radar view creates a graphical image of the closest Wi-Fi sources. With the latest version, you can also save and add passwords. The iTunes App Store reviews are mostly positive, but there are several one-star reviews. An enthusiast comments, “I am so shocked at how well it finds Wi-Fi spots and accurately. If you travel a lot like me, this is an invaluable tool for finding Wi-Fi spots and sharing them with others.”

Quicky Browser
Memory Requirement: 0.1MB
Average App Store Rating: 3.5 stars (56 ratings)

You purchase wireless devices to allow 24-hour multitasking; however, sometimes your signal gets lost in transit. During these breakdowns, Quicky Browser comes to your rescue. This application saves an offline copy when you bookmark a website. So, when your connection fails on an airplane or subway, you merely open a saved page and commence reading. Pages load quickly because they’re saved without advertisements and images. Quicky Browser also serves as a regular browser. The latest version features unlimited bookmarks, editable bookmarks, and a home button. The iTunes App Store reviews are overwhelmingly positive, including, “Offline bookmarks is a plus, since I commute underground where there is no 3G connection. Great buy.”

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