Nonhormonal Alternatives for Hot Flashes: Janet Carpenter, Indiana University

OCTOBER 08, 2016
Amy Jacob

At The North American Menopause Society 27th Annual Meeting (NAMS) in Orlando, Florida, Janet Carpenter, PhD, RN, Indiana University discussed her latest research in nonhormonal alternatives for women experiencing hot flashes including a clinical hypnosis protocol. Carpenter and her colleague wanted to assess whether a fewer number of clinical hypnosis sessions works just as well, or whether they could potentially deliver it over the telephone. According to her position statement on nonhormonal treatment of vasomotor symptoms, experts concluded what should be recommended that wasn't used or recommended at this time like two mind body interventions: cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical hypnosis. These were shown to have level one evidence that they help alleviate vasomotor symptoms. Carpenter concluded that women's experiences at menopause are really variable, and it's important to ask women about their individual experiences, but even more important to continue to ask again as those experiences change over time.

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