Toward a Multidimensional Formulation of Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology

JULY 14, 2009

Presenter Rodrigo O. Kuljis discusses the challenges to our understanding of neurodegenerative disorders and to the development of effective treatments and prevention presented because we lack a “satisfactory, unanimously agreed and unifying conceptual scheme” for them. Dr. Kuljis’ proposes that resolving this will require researchers to address “in an integrated fashion the multiple dimensions and scales of organization of the central nervous system, that transcend the conventional boundaries of biochemistry/molecular biology, systems neuroscience, and nosology—among others—as well as going beyond the timescales usually considered in this approach.” His poster presentation offered “a more integrated conceptual scheme to tackle the complexity of neurodegenerative disorders” and offered “considerable advantages over the present, admittedly fruitful, but not yet sufficiently successful and increasingly “atomizing” analytic approach to Alzheimer’s disease and most other degenerative conditions that cause dementia.”


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