Sigrun Halvorsen, MD: Comparing Bleeding Rates in Non-valvular AF Patients Prescribed Anticoagulants

AUGUST 28, 2016
Amy Jacob

At the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2016 (ESC), Sigrun Halvorsen, MD, Oslo University discussed the results of her study which analyzed the bleeding rates among NVAF patients who were prescribed anticoagulants. While it is difficult to compare rates of bleeding within studies that are not similar, Halvorsena and team compared new anticoagulants with warfarin, and found the risk of bleeding to be lower in the newer anticoagulants than in warfarin. It was reassuring, she said, to find results that coincided with her hypothesis. Further research is necessary to answer more questions, and eventually, Halvorsen said, they will still bleeding risks in the realm of stroke. 

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