Q&A With Paul Dendale From Hasselt University: Benefits and Risks of Using Telemedicine in Cardiology

SEPTEMBER 03, 2015
Adam Hochron

As technology improves telemedicine is becoming a more viable option to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Paul Dendale, from Hasselt University in Belgium discussed some of the benefits that were seen in a recent study of the field. Dendale said being able to monitor patients and hopefully predict a potential problem before it results in a hospitalization can make a big difference in not only the patient's life but also the functioning of the hospital. 

While the idea of telemedicine can be easily implemented into practice there are still concerns that need to be addressed for the field to progress. These issues can include liability and governance over doctors and where their patients are located.

These issues were discussed during the European Society of Cardiology's annual conference in London. 

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