Q&A With Athena Poppas From Brown University: New Innovations in Cardiovascular Imaging Show Clearer Picture for Doctors

SEPTEMBER 09, 2015
Adam Hochron
There is an ever growing list of tests doctors can order for their patients, particularly when it comes to cardiac conditions. Choosing the right test is a very important skill for practitioners to use in their daily practice.

Athena Poppas, MD, from Brown University said the innovations can help doctors better see areas of the heart that had been harder to treat in the past. Poppas, who also serves as the Chairperson of the American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions, was part of a large contingent of American cardiologists to attend the European Society of Cardiology's annual conference in London. 

It can be easy for doctors to see the latest piece of technology in their field and feel compelled to add it to their practice. Sometimes a wait and see approach can be more beneficial in order to get patients the best possible results.

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