Aaron Boster: Building Excitement Out of ECTRIMS

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016
Adam Hochron

As the leading minds in the field of multiple sclerosis came together in London for the annual ECTRIMS conference the end of the conference brought a considerable amount of excitement in everything from the relapsing form to progressive forms.

One of the discussions which caught the attention of Aaron Boster, MD from OhioHealth was focused on whether patients in wheel chairs should be eligible for clinical trials. While they may not have the physical abilities of others with multiple sclerosis Boster said that did not mean there was nothing that could be done to help them and that they therefore should be included to get them as much benefit as possible from the various treatment options. Boster also spoke highly of medications being developed to help patients with the progressive forms of the condition as well. Boster called ECTRIMS "the Olympics of multiple sclerosis."

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