Q&A With Diego Cadavid From Biogen: Continuing to Research Optic Neuritis and Cognitive Impairment Treatments

OCTOBER 13, 2015
Adam Hochron
Optic neuritis is linked to multiple sclerosis and a treatment to help patients with this condition continues to work its way through the research and approval process.

Diego Cadavid, MD, Senior Medical Director at Biogen discussed these two areas and the research being done in these fields during the annual ECTRIMS conference in Barcelona. 

Technology is constantly being developed to treat patients with a variety of conditions. Recent research looked at new ways to measure  a patient's amplitude which can be used in treating optic neuritis and multiple sclerosis.

Cadavid had presented earlier data about Anti-Lingo-1 during the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting in Washington DC earlier this year. 

Unlike other areas of multiple sclerosis treatment there is no singular way to measure or determine cognitive impairment in patients. However, that does not make addressing these issues any less important for doctors or the people they treat.

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