Q&A With Carrie Lyn Sammarco From NYU Langone Medical Center: Addressing Quality of Life Issues With Multiple Sclerosis Through Medication And The Benefits of Teamwork

OCTOBER 13, 2015
Adam Hochron
Just as overactive bladder issues and constipation are an issue for patients with multiple sclerosis, mirabegron is a popular medication in the general population for managing these issues. A recent study looked at what impact the treatment could have for these patients' quality of life.

Carrie Lyn Sammarco, DrNP, FNP-C, MSCN, from the NYU Langone Medical Center Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center discussed how they used the medication to help their patients with this issue during the ECTRIMS conference in Barcelona. 

At the center where she works Sammarco said the nurses are part of a larger team where patients receive treatment from a wide variety of healthcare professionals in order to get the best results possible for their condition.

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