Yutao Liu from Georgia Regents University: Delaying the Progression of Glaucoma

MAY 05, 2016
Amy Jacob

At the ARVO 2016 meeting in Seattle, WA, Yutao Liu, MD, PhD, Georgia Regents University, discussed how he and his team can potentially target genes to either reduce glaucoma or provide neuroprotection specifically for the mitochondria in the retina.

Liu concluded, "One thing I want to emphasize is eye disease is a very severe disease. Especially for glaucoma, the main thing is that in the clinic, most people are not aware of the glaucoma they have because it's a painless disease. So, we recommend people over the age of 40 to go see a clinician in opthalmology to do an eye exam to serve as the baseline, since glaucoma depends on progression."

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