Q&A With Aaron Boster From OhioHealth Neurological Physicians: Finding the Right Chili Recipe For Treating Multiple Sclerosis Depends A Lot On Open Communication

OCTOBER 15, 2015
Adam Hochron
With a wide variety of medications available and being developed for patients with multiple sclerosis the choices present different delivery options, dosing varieties, and other options. Alemtuzumab is another in this series of exciting developments in potential patient care.

Aaron L. Boster, MD, From OhioHealth Neurological Physicians discussed the treatment and finding the best treatment options avaialbe to patients during the annual ECTRIMS conference in Barcelona. 

As the number of treatment options for multiple sclerosis continues to grow patients and their doctors are left to find the right choice for them in order to manage the disease as successfully as possible. This can be a long process that can have a long lasting impact on their overall health.

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