Q&A with Peter Higgins: Why Dialogue about Nutrition is Key for IBD Patients

DECEMBER 11, 2015
Amy Jacob

Peter Higgins, MD, PhD, University of Michigan Health System, talked about how patients these days are often answering their own nutritional questions on the "Wild Wild West" of the Internet, so it's up to the experts to provide thorough answers to assuage their concerns.
"I think the key is to engage your patients with nutrition questions. Ask them if they have questions about food and nutrition; you'll get a lot more than the patient is telling you or volunteering. And once you know their questions, you can at least steer them to evidence based approaches, keep them from restricting their diet, and ensure adequate nutrition," concluded Higgins at the 2015 Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (AIBD) meeting in Orlando, FL.

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