Praluent Continues to Show Benefits Since Approval

NOVEMBER 14, 2016
Adam Hochron

In just over a year, Praluent has shown benefits in helping patients lower their cholesterol level. Despite the progress, there have also been some challenges.

Jay Edelberg, MD, PhD, and Sheldon Koenig, from Sanofi, discussed the progress made in less than 18 months during the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, LA. Edelberg called the approval process a "great journey," and noted that since its approval, and even during the clinical trials, there was clear evidence of helping at risk patients lower their cholesterol levels to considerably lower levels. 

Despite the success, Koenig said there have been challenges, including overcoming utilization magangement criteria. However, since its approval providers have found ways to overcome those challenges to get patients the care they need.

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