Update on Important Drug Interactions, Side Effects Over the Past Year

APRIL 01, 2017
Caitlyn Fitzpatrick

Doug Paauw, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Washington, attends the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting to provide an update on drug interactions and side effects prominent every year. At this year’s meeting (ACP 2017), Paauw went over some of those serious drug interactions with MD Magazine.
Paauw explained that the most common medication error involves insulin, however, he did not mention it in his talk at ACP because it is so widely understood.
“As far as medications, I focused a bit on quinolones because this group has come under great scrutiny by the FDA in this past year,” Paauw said. “Labeling changes have occurred to remove it as a regular and approved treatment for cystitis for acute sinusitis and for acute exacerbations on chronic bronchitis.”
Paauw went on to mention other drug interactions and side effects that made headlines during the past year. Watch the video above to find out the details.
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