Colleen Caleshu from Stanford University: Growing the Field of Genetic Counseling In Spite of Challenges

APRIL 04, 2016
Adam Hochron

For those how enter the field of genetic testing there are many challenges along the way, starting with finding the right training program through using that training in very difficult situations.

While there are parts of the job that can be very trying for those involved in genetic counseling Colleen Caleshou, ScM, CGC, from Stanford University said that some of the things that make the job so challenging are also what can make it rewarding as counselors work to help families understand the impact a genetic cardiac condition has had on them. Caleshou said that as more people are properly trained to be genetic counselors their work can reach more people provding care and guidance that otherwise would not have been available.  The talk on this delicate topic came during the American College of Cardiology's 65th Annual Scientific Session and Expo in Chicago. 

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