The 70th American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting
Following a mission of promoting the highest quality patient-centered neurologic care and enhancing member career satisfaction, the American Academy of Neurology 70th annual meeting will deliver the latest developments in science, education, and networking in new and innovative ways.
The 70th Annual American Academy of Neurology Meeting was held in Los Angeles, California from April 21-27, 2018. With a plethora of new data being presented, the meeting offered an opportunity for the world’s leading neurology experts to learn more about the latest developments in science and education. MD Magazine offers those who were unable to attend with the most up-to-date information regarding existing treatment options, as well as data from clinical trials evaluating new and emerging therapies.
This MD Magazine Conference Coverage page is a full-service resource center for the latest from the meeting, including key developments from research that may potentially lead to methods of early diagnosis, management, and prevention. This page features coverage right from the floor and will offer visitors the chance to hear directly from those presenting this groundbreaking data.
For even more from AAN, content from previous meetings can be found on the AAN 2017 and AAN 2016 pages.
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