Novel Non-Invasive Remedy for Cluster Headache

MAY 05, 2017
Amy Jacob

Peter Goadsby, M.B., B.S., Director of the NIHR- Wellcome Trust King’s Clinical Research, London, Professor of Neurology, University of California at San Francisco, explained the benefits of the recent FDA approval of the gammaCore non-invasive vagal nerve stimulator on patients suffering from cluster headaches. 

Goadsby believed this would have a significant impact on patients with cluster headache. It’s an acute treatment; so it’s a way of treating the attacks that come. Now, cluster headache is characterized by attacks that could last for a few hours (1-2) of one-sided extremely severe pain, associated with symptoms of eye-watering and redness. According to Goadsby, existing treatments like injections and nasal sprays have all had randomized controlled-trials, yet all are not FDA-approved. Goadsby highlighted; however, that injections can help a patient who suffers two cluster headaches a day, but will still leave the patient in pain if he or she experiences more than two episodes of cluster headaches daily. So, the latest FDA approval of gammaCore essentially provides another option for patients who experience the "worst, excruciating" pain.

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