Q&A With Claresa Levetan From Chestnut Hill Hospital: Diabetes Care Past Present and Future

JUNE 24, 2015
Adam Hochron

A considerable amount of progress has been made in treating diabetes this year both for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The approval of new medications and potential devices in the future have made for a bright outlook for patients.

Claresa Levetan, MD, FACE, from Chestnut Hill Hospital discussed the work that has been done in the field during the 24th Annual AACE Scientific and Clinical Congress in Nashville. Levetan said the addition of new insulins on the market, including an inhaler form have made this an exciting time in the industry. The prospect of an artificial pancreas shows potential for future treatments being developed as well. 

Learn more about the difficult choices doctors make when choosing treamtent options in part 2.

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